A Day in the Life of an Interdepartmental Envelope

A Day in the Life of an Interdepartmental Envelope

It’s quiet. No one is in the office yet and I’m enjoying the silence.

Interdepartmental Envelope

Well, if you consider the rubber bands flinging each other across the room and the staplers having staple fights anywhere near silence then I’m in paradise. As an interdepartmental envelope, you’re cooped up in a mail cubby next to the supply closet most of your night, you get used to it.

The lights are starting to turn on. The janitors must be making their morning rounds. Shortly, it will be my turn to get to work. At about 9 am, majority of people start to make their way in the office and I begin to brace myself for the day.

The office assistant grabs me first. She fills me with endless paperwork and scrolls the HR department’s office on me. As she carries me through the office, I get to watch everyone busy typing at their desks, drinking from their big mugs, getting angry at the telephone and gossiping by the coffee machine. She drops me into the proper mail slot and I wait to be picked up once again.

The life of an interdepartmental envelope is a busy one. I am always in popular demand by employees and without me, a lot of important documents would not get passed along to the correct people.

After the HR assistant finds me in her mailbox, she brings me to her desk. It’s cluttered with pictures of her family, a color-coded calendar, and a bowl full of candy. She empties my contents and starts to study them. After what feels like forever, she finishes and places a few papers inside and addresses me to the mailroom, my favorite place.

She places me in the mail bucket that reads United States Postal Service. There I’m lying on top of several envelopes like me and others that are padded, white, and multi-colored. The mailman picks up the bucket and starts to walk toward the elevator. It’s hard to see what’s going on but I’m starting to get nauseous with all this swaying side to side in the bucket. We take the elevator to the last floor and I know we are there immediately by the sound – chaos.

It is good chaos though. The noise of people talking, shouting addresses and office numbers to one another, packing tape being used, phones ringing, and the alarm form the service elevator. The mailman throws the bucket on the counter and before I can even comprehend what’s going on, I am being poured into a cart with all of the other envelopes. We are being sorted by many pairs of hands. I am scooped up almost immediately by a mail attendant and then my contents are roughly dumped out. He places me facedown on the countertop which would be cutting off my air supply if I actually breathed, but either way it’s quite annoying.

After a few moments and shuffling of papers, I am flipped over, stuffed with a thick stack of documents, addressed to the president of the company, handed off and I am on my way. Her office is always a nice treat because the view is absolutely spectacular. Completely surrounded by glass and floor to ceiling windows, it’s as if I can see the whole city. She accepts me and rushes the mail attendant out. I don’t spend very long in her office after she takes out the big stack of papers. Her office assistant comes in and grabs me.

As we are leaving the president’s office, I notice her clock reads 5:00 pm. I say a little “thank you” in my head knowing this day is finally coming to an end. The office assistant carries me back to my home. Once she sets me down, I am able to relax. Until tomorrow. For now, I’ll enjoy the chatter and play of the rubber bands and staplers.