Classifications Folder Guide

Classifications Folder Guide

If you are not aware of how to choose your classification folders, it can be as tricky as navigating a jungle blindfolded. Did you know? Pressboard or classification file folders have inner dividers that help you retrieve and file large amounts of documents. Here is a simple guide to make it a bit easier.

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Why and when will you need them?

  • Large amount of documents need to be stored and accessed quickly.
  • Documents have a high retrieval rate.
  • Multiple folders must be used to separate an individual’s record.
  • Prevent the loss of documents with the use of multiple file folders that can be condensed into one durable folder.
  • Batches of records need to be filed in one folder.

How do you choose?


Size: You will require either legal or letter sized folders. Take into consideration the depth of your shelving and ensure that the files will fit accordingly.

Tab Style and Shape

Tab Style/Shape: Open shelving will require an end or side tab folder. Cabinet drawers will accommodate a top tab folder.

Type of Tab Cut

Type of Tab Cut:  Most commonly used in side tab folders is the straight cut which is more durable and able to provide room for labelling. Top tab folders generally have a 1/3rd cut which allows for various positioning, making the file easier to spot. There is also the 2/5th Right of Center cut which is stronger than the 1/3rd.


Dividers: The amount of inner dividers will depend on how many sections you need to separate your documents. One divider will create four filing sections with a one inch expansion. Two dividers will give you size filing sections with a two inch expansion. Three dividers create eight filing sections and has a three inch expansion. You will be able to attach your documents to the folder with a metal fastener that is provided.


Color: Most pressboard folders come in 10 colors: Deep Red, Gray, Green, Light Green, Red Brown, Light Blue, Dark Blue, Pale Green, Moss Green, Yellow and Light Gray.

Weight of Folders

Weight of the Folder: If the folder will not require excessive use, the most common weights are 15 and 18 point. This is for manila or colored paper. Pressboards come in three types. Type III is less expensive and is can be used for most applications. Type II is more expensive, shinier and more durable. Type I is the most expensive and is typically used when the folders require a more professional appearance.

This handy guide will help you pick out the classification folders that will meet your filing needs. Have a look at our website to explore all of your options.

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