A Cornucopia of Office Supplies

A Cornucopia of Office Supplies

A cornucopia of office supplies may not be something you’ll ever find on your dining room table, but here at Gorilla it’s our favorite Thanksgiving tradition!   What would you put in yours?

  • Highlighters

Sharpie Highlighters
    • SKU: SAN24415PP
    • We’re thankful to them for always marking my important calendar dates and notes.

  • Multifunction pens

  • Multi-Function Pens
      • SKU: CROAT00901
      • Thank you for being there as not only wonderful writing instruments but also a stylus for my smartphone or tablet.

  • Pencils

  • Pencils
      • SKU: DIX13830
      • We are thankful for them because we have been able to count on them for a majority of our childhoods and even now.

  • Pencil sharpener

  • Pencil Sharpener
      • SKU: BOS02695
      • Thank you for never letting us down when our pencil tips broke.

  • Erasers

  • Erasers
      • SKU: ITA36522
      • Thank you for making it seem as if we are all perfect and getting rid of all of our mistakes over the years.

  • Sticky notes

  • Sticky Notes
      • SKU: MMMR33012AN
      • We’re thankful to them for helping us leave critical notes to our fellow co-workers.

  • Stapler and staples

  • Stapler Staples
  • Paper clips

  • Paper Clips
      • SKU: OIC97228
      • We are thankful for them because they keep our documents grouped together.   

  • Appointment book

  • Appointment Book
      • SKU: AAGG40000
      • To you, we are most thankful for because you keep us organized and allow us to keep our heads on straight.

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