Product Spotlight: Fitbit Zip

Product Spotlight: Fitbit Zip

Fitbit Batteries

The Fitbit Zip is so portable that you do not need to carry around a rechargeable wire; instead, it comes standard with portable batteries that can be replaced.

Pro Tip: For future occurrences don’t be mistaken, although both labeled 3V, the CR2032 batteries are not the same as the CR2025 needed for the Fitbit Zip.

Investing in this wireless activity tracker can make being healthy a habit and helps monitor long run progress and goals. You barely have to take the Fitbit Zip off (except when submerging in water) because the replacement batteries last for around six months. You can change them out in a moment and continue on with your fitness journey. 

Affordable Batteries for Fitbit

Fitbit Zip Features 

  • Wear & water resistance
  • However, it is not recommended to be worn in a shower or while swimming. Water from weather is okay but please remove if you plan on submerging in water.

  • Replaceable batteries
  • Up to 6 months of continual without recharging
  • Wireless syncing
  • To your smartphone and computer so you can follow your progress in real time charts and graphs.
  • Tap display
  • For easy use.
  • Track calories burned
  • So you can help keep to your diet or allotted calories.
  • Track steps & distance traveled
  • When you see that you hit your goal of a certain amount of steps, you might just get the motivation to walk further next time.
  • Convenient size
  • Place in your pocket, undergarments, or clip to your shirt with it being obtrusive.
  • Fitbit App
  • Log food, control weight, connect with friends to compete on daily fitness goals, and more in one convenient app.


  • Syncing range of 20 feet
  • Operates in -4* to 113* F
  • Tracks 7 days of detailed motion
  • 1 Replaceable battery included

Knowledge is power, being aware of every step and calories throughout the day can become motivation for living a healthy life. With the syncable app, eliminating having to input data yourself, it takes being connected to another level. This convenient tracker provides the motivation for you to move more. By displaying easy to read graphs of your progress the Fitbit Zip shows you how small changed add up to big differences. 

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