Gorilla Travels To Hungary

Gorilla Travels To Hungary

When I’m not helping you with finding discount office supplies or other products, I like to travel around the world with my family and staff. For seven days, I visited Hungary with my wife Patty and met over 100 other people from the office supply industry, including vendors and dealers. This was an incentive trip based on office supply sales growth.

Visiting Hungary


For those of you who do not know, Hungary is located in Central Europe and borders Romania and Ukraine to the east, and Croatia, Slovenia, and Austria to the west. The Hungarian people were friendly, fun and accommodating. From what I’ve heard, Hungarian is one of the toughest languages to learn in the world. Many people were able to speak English, and locals appreciated my attempts in mastering a few simple Hungarian phrases.

Our Adventures


Most of our time was spent touring various historic sites in Budapest. We started off by seeing where public transportation could take us. There are plenty of markets and castles to explore along the way. We also took a cruse down the Danube River (pictured above) where we were able to get close to the Parliament and Buda Castle.

House of Terror Museum

Hungary Museum

Source: flickr.com/photos/zabowski

This was my favorite part of the trip. The House of Terror Museum focuses on the oppression of various Hungarian people during the years of Nazi & Soviet communist domination. The building was recreated in 2002 to reflect what it looked like during the early 20th century and is “a monument to the memory of those held captive, tortured, and killed” at 60 Andrássy Avenue.

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