Fearless Office Flu Fighting Tips

Fearless Office Flu Fighting Tips

Flu season is nothing to scrunch your stuffy nose at. You just know the guy behind you on the subway failed to sneeze into his elbow. The woman with the death rattle cough on the elevator stood just a little too close for comfort. What can you do to stay bright-eyed and bushy-tailed this winter season? We have some out-of-the-tissue-box ideas for you!

Enter the land of lemon and honey.

Got milk? Keep it to yourself. Drink your hot black or green tea with lemon and honey this flu season. Lemon thins mucus and honey has antibacterial qualities. Breathing in the hot steam from the tea will stimulate the hair follicles in the nose – helping to push those pesky germs out.

Swipe on, wipe off. Karate chop the flu.

Genuine Joe Sanitizing WipesSwipe that anti-bacterial wipeacross any high-traffic surface and wipe those flu-bugs off. Not just at the office, but the shopping trolleys at the grocery store or the equipment at the gym. If in doubt, swipe and wipe!

Keep your germs to yourself Chewbacca.

Break out that pen protector and proudly align your pocket. Bringing your own pen to the party decreases your chances of picking it up after someone absent-mindedly chewed on it.

Look ma, no hands!

There is a reason why you are told in Kindergarten to keep your hands to yourself. Avoid all those areas that CSI Units dread, the ones smeared with a million hand-prints of those with questionable hygiene practices. Be safe. Go hands-free.

Stop the dirty talk and wipe that mouth-piece down with soap.

Most people might think to wipe down their desk phone, but it would also be wise to regularly clean your mobile phone. Think of all the surfaces that you touched with your hand, you a transferring those germs to your phone. Keep it clean, folks.

Bump it don’t shake it.

Most of us were taught that it is polite to shake hands when you first meet someone. It is time to shake it up a bit. Many people are attributing the outbreak of the office flu with this traditional greeting. Why not bump fists? It is better to be “cool” than hot with the flu fever.

Be safe out there, friends. P.S. Stock up on germ-fighting cleaning and jantorial supplies at Gorilla.

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