15 Tips to Organize Your Office in the New Year

15 Tips to Organize Your Office in the New Year

Is your New Year’s Resolution to keep your desk organized? Are you guilty of doing massive overhauls on your workspace only to go back to the clutter weeks later? If so, these 15 tips will guide you toward office organization all year long.

Empty Desk
Start purging and stop the hoarding!

  1. Start with a clean surface. Clear off the top of your desk and wipe it clean.
  2. Keep only what is absolutely necessary – this includes your computer, phone, card file, etc. Please note that this does not include the free key chains and magnets you scored from your last convention, although we feel your temptation!
  3. To Do List

    Organization is the key to happiness, or something like that.

  4. Create a master-to-do-list with the help of calendars, wall planners, or organizers.
  5. Use a mail sorter to organize your mail into categories – to read, to contact, to archive.
  6. Make use of desktop organizers to make sure your supplies are readily available. And for the love of all things orderly, get rid of those pens with no ink.
  7. Empty Drawers

    Just clean it, clean it. File it, scan it. Blast some old-school Michael Jackson if you must.

  8. Clear out all desktop drawers and wipe them clean.
  9. Make sure your filing systems are in order.
  10. Scan any paperwork that does not require a hard copy. Welcome to a brave, new paperless world!
  11. Storage Boxes

    Home is where your stuff is. The desk should be a must-have only zone.

  12. Rid yourself of any unnecessary personal items.
  13. Make use of storage boxes or mobile filing systems to store outdated material.
  14. Use magazine boxes to store booklets, catalogues, or magazines you must keep on hand.
  15. Purge yourself of any unnecessary paper clutter by shredding anything that does not have to be saved.
  16. Break out the labeller or at least, the old-faithful black Sharpie.

  17. Label all shelves, baskets, and drawers appropriately with a good labeller.
  18. Assign discard dates to documents so that you know when you they can be shredded.
  19. Make like a Gorilla

    Make like a gorilla and be an ape.

  20. Repeat on a regular basis!

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