Not Just for Names | Name Badges, Holders & Tags

Not Just for Names | Name Badges, Holders & Tags

If you are like us, attending countless tradeshows, seminars, and industry meetings is part of your yearly calendar. Since I like to consider myself pretty knowledgeable about great office products, I tend to look at peoples name tags for not only the persons name but also the quality and look (it’s an occupational hazard.) I often find myself thinking about what really is in a name badge and how to unconventionally use the helpful product when I return from a trade show. Since we are always looking for ways to help save our jungle, reusing name badges is an easy way to save money and the planet!

Reusing Discount Name Badges

Woman displaying visitor badge

Scenario – You just sat through a three day conference and you arrive home with all your swag which includes your sealable badge holder. Instead of throwing it away, why don’t you use it for your id and keys? This is great for days when you head to the beach and don’t want to leave anything behind. Instead of an unfashionable fanny pack, use a badge holder for your id, a credit card, and keys when you head to a fun day at an amusement park. Now you don’t have to stuff everything in your pockets and can enjoy rides without that uncomfortable bulge in your pocket.

Buying Cheap Name Tags in Bulk

Purchasing in bulk can help your company or organization save money and who doesn’t like saving money? Chances are you need more than one name badge or lanyard so save yourself the trouble of reordering by purchasing in bulk. Also when you order in larger quantities, the price decreases per item. Best part is even if you don’t use each name badge; they don’t go bad so you can save them for future employees or seminars. If an old badge is misplaced, you have a back up just in case.

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