6 Ways to Use Office Supplies in Your Garden

6 Ways to Use Office Supplies in Your Garden

Now that we are no longer living in the shadow of the polar vortex, the ground is soft enough to get back to gardening. One of my favorite spring activities is getting my hands dirty with all my grandchildren, teaching them how to plant and care for our garden. When I need certain garden supplies, I do not run to the local hardware or gardening center, but look to Gorilla instead! Certain office supplies can double as gardening supplies, it’s creative and inexpensive. See some ways you can use office supplies in your garden.

1. Seeds on Hand


Nothing is worse then getting ready to garden than realizing you don’t have any seeds. In my home we keep unused seeds in manila envelopes and have the kids label them.

2. Keurig K-cups

Keurig k-cups

If the frost takes a long time to go away in your part of the country, get your garden started early by planting seeds in used K-cups. When it’s time to transition, simply give a little squeeze to the bottom of the K-cup, get your little plant out, and plant it in the ground.

3. Know Your Plants


After you plant your seeds, grab an index card for each plant along with a Sharpie and write down the name of the plant and what special care each plant needs such as limited sun and water.  Following, grab a large paper clip and some tape. Tape a paper clip to each card and push it into the soil. For better protection, place the index card inside a sealed plastic bag to protect from rain and water.

If you have an indoor garden, use Post-it Mini Flags to label your plants. This is a simple way to know exactly what you are growing.

Flag Post-It Garden

4. Coffee Cans for Storage

Coffee Can Storage

What do you do with your empty coffee cans? We go through our fair share of them in our office so I take them home and use them to store my garden tools likes clippers and string.

5. Candy Containers for Planters

Candy Container

Create the perfect indoor garden with empty candy containers as planters. You can easily grow basil and other herbs in them. These are perfect for the kids because they can watch the roots grow and see the action beneath the soil. Also since the candy containers are made of plastic, you can make drainage hole quite easily. You can personalize each one by decorating with ribbons or spray painting it different colors. Don’t eat candy? You can easily use disposable cups too.

6. Herb Dryer

Herb Drying

If you are like me and love to have fresh herbs on hand for seasonings and final touches, this tip is a must. Simply put up a bulletin board, put a handful of herbs together with rubber bands, and pin the bunches upside down with pushpins. Leave for as little as a week and your herbs will be dried and ready to be stored or used when you choose.