Out of the Box Organizing Ideas with Binders

Out of the Box Organizing Ideas with Binders

Life can be hectic between family, friends, school, and work. Staying ahead of the curve is one way to reduce some stress in your life. Get your home and day organized with a binder for every occasion so you have some time to breathe and enjoy your day.

Coupon Organizer


Do you love the thrill of couponing? A study by Claremont Graduate University Center for Neuroeconomic Studies has proven that couponing induces euphoria and makes shoppers happier. Keep the good vibes strong with a coupon organizer. You can organize by when they expire, what type of product it’s for, and store versus manufacturer coupons. If you choose to separate by department, here are my suggestions on how to break it down:

  • Baking
  • Drinks
  • Cereals
  • Canned Goods
  • Condiments and Dressings
  • Cleaning Products
  • Dairy
  • Frozen Foods
  • Meat
  • Paper Goods
  • Pasta/Rice
  • Sauces

DVD Organizer


For me, finding space in my home for all of my keepsakes, books, and DVDs has become a task all in itself. What irritates me is when I go to a DVD case and I find that the DVD that I was prepping myself to watch is lost and nowhere to be found. So I grabbed a three ring binderand placed all of my DVDs in one place so I spend more time enjoying a movie with my family then turning the house inside looking.

A Gardener’s Binder


One of my favorite memories is gardening with
my children and now grandchildren. While I utilize office supplies in my gardening, I also use an Avery binder to keep all my seeds in one convenient place. I also have organized it by season because one plant may grow better in one temperature than another. Each seed package also has a corresponding index card next to it with pertinent information like how much sun it needs and when to water.

Home Organizer

Home Organizer

Wrangling my family together has become an art that I have mastered (and believe me, I’m not complaining about it.) With one cheap three ring binder, you can organize everyone’s days in one place. From breakfast to soccer practice to homework time, keeping my family on track and knowing what’s ahead has quickly become a staple in our home. This is also a good way to introduce responsibility into children’s lives – if they need a permission slip signed or have homework that needs to be reviewed, have a designated spot in the binder for you to review these documents for them.

Wedding Planner


Planning a wedding is easily one of the most stressful things that will take place in someone’s life. Sticking to a budget, picking flowers, the band/DJ, settling on a venue, and gifts for your wedding party – it all adds up and not having it in one centralized location is going to add additional stress. Have one binder, a ‘holy grail’, where every receipt, magazine clipping, flower petal, anything that has to do with your wedding lives.

House Cleaning Binder

House Cleaning

While cleaning a house is not necessarily an exciting activity, you can get it organized with a three ring binder. Separate your binder into sections such as a day of the week schedule, by rooms in the house, or even by season. Put down what cleaning supply to use for each major furnishing, the chemicals in each one, and a checklist to make sure nothing is forgotten.

Find a binder that works for you with our Find a Binder tool.