7 Ways to Make Your Break Room a Creative & Productive Hub

7 Ways to Make Your Break Room a Creative & Productive Hub

Did you know it has been scientifically proven that people need a break? How many of your employees eat lunch at their desk, fuel up on energy drinks or copious amounts of coffee and stare blankly at the blinking cursor on their computer screen? Employers who subscribe to the idea that it is better to work smarter rather than harder, are also the ones who consider the company’s break room an investment. A happy employee is a more productive and creative one. Here are seven simple ways to transform your break room into a place that fosters high-fives which translate into a better bottom line this year.

Breakroom Entertainment
You don’t need to have a foosball machine in the break room to make it fun! Provide some board games or a deck of cards and encourage tournaments. This allows for team building and morale boosting. Ever wonder why your best ideas come when you are in the shower or driving? Give your employees a chance to have those light-bulb moments. If you give them a place to take their minds off of work-related problems, you may find that their brains might flip that switch and grasp on to the solutions!

Keep it Green in the Break Room
Keep it green! If your company is passionate about reducing its carbon footprint, then make sure you offer essentional break room supplies such as a recycling bin and reusable cutlery, mugs, and plates. Nothing says non-sustainable like Styrofoam cups and paper plates!

A break room should be equipped with a microwave, refrigerator, coffee and water.
Taking a break does not equate to heating up your cup of noodles. At the very least, a break room should be equipped with a microwave, refrigerator, coffee and water. If your budget allows for it, provide some healthy snacks for your team.

Make Your Break Room Inviting
If you make it pleasing to the eye, they will come! Nothing is worse than a sad, drab, so-called break room. Splash out with some color, perhaps paint the walls a soothing blue which is supposed to increase creativity. Get rid of the fluorescent bulbs and provide better lighting. Hang up some local artwork on the walls. The important thing is to make it inviting so people will want to congregate there.

Invest in some comfortable furnishings for the Break Room.
Scrap those metal, foldable chairs. Please. Invest in some comfortable furnishing so that your team can kick back and relax. Even if it is simply providing a few couches or even just a few cushions your investment will definitely pay off. Remember, a happy employee is a productive one.

Plants promote a happier, healthier environment.
We could all use a little more oxygen. Did you know that indoor plants have been shown to reduce sick leave and absenteeism? Even if it just a silk plant, it promotes a happier, healthier environment.

Keep Your Break Room Clean!
Keep Your Break Room clean! Make sure you have a cleaning plan in place, as there is nothing worse than navigating your way through other peoples’ moldy left-overs. If you cannot afford a cleaning service, make up some type of roster so that everyone has a hand in keeping their break room germ free.

Break up the monotony of the sad and boring break room. No one is saying you should have a Pac Man machine and a pool table, but a little bit of investment in your employee’s happiness goes a long way! Need a little help transforming your break room? Give us a call at 877-964-6745.